Job listing indicates that Limbo is headed to iOS, Android

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It looks like indie developer Playdead is taking its haunting puzzle platformer Limbo and porting it over to mobile devices. A recent job listing states that the studio is looking for a programmer to help port the game to other platforms. Namely, it looks like Limbo will be landing on iOS and Android. Additionally, there are plans of porting it over to Windows 8, browser, and "others."

Limbo is an excellent game. I have fond memories of the indie title, particularly beating it in one evening this past summer. I awarded the PlayStation Network version of the eerie platformer with an impressive 9.5 / 10 score, which it most certainly deserved.

Limbo is one of those games that just stays with you long after you've beaten it. Days after I played it I still pondered up different meanings for its premise. Hell, I even analyzed it as a tale about romance.

People who play games on their iOS and Android devices are in for a real treat. Watch out for this one, mobile gaming folks! Oh, and fans of Limbo can also expect something new down the road, as Playdead announced it was working on a bizarre new title back in October and made sure to remind us in the job listing it posted.

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