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Job Listing Confirms New God of War Game


Sony Santa Monica is currently looking for a concept artist to work on a new God of War game. The studio posted a job listing online, with the precise job title being Senior Staff Concept Artist. This pretty much confirms that a new God of War game is currently being planned by Sony.

But wait a minute ... Didn't we all know that already? I mean, it isn't exactly the most complex thing in the world to expect a new God of War. Given the success of the series and the way the last game played out, it had to be obvious that we were getting another sequel.

That said, it's pretty exciting to learn that Sony is looking for a concept artist, because it lets us know that the game is currently a thing. Sure, it may take a while to be developed and finally launch, but a new God of War game is always great news. Unless it turns out to be some wacky spinoff, but I doubt Sony would hurt us like that, especially with God of War.

If you're good at art stuff, why not hit Sony Santa Monica up and see if you can snag a job working on God of War? I would do it myself, but sadly, my art skills aren't fit for mythological creatures and buff gods. When they want God of War to go in a quirky black-and-white direction, though, I'll be sure to drop my name in the hat.

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