Jinx, Pow-Pow, and Fishbones receive a League of Legends champion spotlight

League of Legends Screenshot - 1154331

Jinx ALL the things! It’s hard to not feel the hype surrounding the upcoming League of Legends character. She’s crazy, has an absolutely wild personality, and is highly interested in her own breed of fun. Her aggressive playstyle makes her a bully in lane. With a kill, assist, or tower, Jinx gains super speed as she Gets Excited! Use her passive to pick off the easy kill in a team fight and then reposition or kite until your heart’s content.

Don’t let me tell you what I thought of her (GameZone preview), check out Riot’s official Champion Spotlight video below. While she isn’t yet in the live server, I assume she’ll be in later today or by the end of the week. If you missed her music video from earlier, you’re going to want to click THIS LINK


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