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Jet Set Radio HD is only missing two music tracks


As noted earlier, the Jet Set Radio HD track list is complete, and we now know the 28 songs that will be included in the upcoming remake of the Dreamcast classic.

Fans of the original game were previously concerned that Jet Set Radio HD wouldn't feature a lot of the tracks from the original. This was mostly because only 70 percent of the soundtrack was confirmed not too long ago. It's good to know that that's not the case, though.

The original Jet Set Radio featured 30 memorable tracks. At 28, the HD remake is missing a mere two. As noted by Joystiq, the missing songs are "Yappie Feet" by Deavid Soul and "Many Styles" by O.B. One. No doubt fans of those songs will be bummed out by their absence. Chin up, though! After all, 28 out of 30 isn't bad at all.


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