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Jessica Biel loves April O'Neil and Ninja Turtles; interested in the movie

Jessica Biel is busy doing interviews, talking up Total Recall. While chatting with Collider, the topic turned to the Ninja Turtles movie. In responding to a Twitter question, Biel was asked whether she would consider playing April O'Neil in Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles?

Jessica Biel responded, "I dig the Ninja Turtles. I always liked the Ninja Turtles — didn't they already make that movie though?"

After the interviewer informed her that there's going to be a reboot directed by Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) for Michael Bay's company, Biel continued:

I dig April, she's cool. She wore a yellow suit. She was a redhead. I mean, that was a great show, I loved it as a kid. So sure, yea!

So there ya go! Let's get the ball rollin' and cast her. I'd be down for her. While I made some suggestions in an episode of Checkpoint Reached on who I thought would be some good choices, Jessica Biel didn't come to mind. But really thinking about it, I think she'd be perfect. So I decided to mock up a few pics of Jessica Biel as April O'Neil with my bad Photoshop skills... enjoy.

jessica biel april o'neil

jessica biel april o'neil

jessica biel april o'neil

april o'neil jessica biel

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