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Jens Andersen, Creative Director for DC Universe Online, talks Origin Crisis’ content

Through Twitch, DC Universe Online’s creative director Jens Andersen talked about the new Origin Crisis DLC which is now live. As part of the two year anniversary celebration, this DLC which has been worked on for 7 years is a prize of SOE. Origin Crisis involves time paradoxes and a whole bunch of ‘what if’ scenarios coming to light. What if Brainiac was able to combine all DC universes into one?   

Future Batman and future Lex Luthor battle over the Nexus of Reality. Here they have the ability to alter origin stories and even the existence of heroes and villains. What if Wonder Woman was never shaped out of clay? What if Batman’s parents were never killed in that alley; would Bruce become Batman still? What if Lex Luthor mentored Batman and made him evil instead? Time paradoxes mean infinite possibilities, awesomeness, and horrors.

You’ll have the option to play as certain characters in the legends mode but instead of PvP it will be PvE this time. Play as Bizzaro Super Man and the Huntress through single player missions to help gear you up for 4 man and 8 man dungeons.

Along with the new content, is a brand new power – ‘Quantum.’ This control power puts time and space into the palm of your hands. Slow down your opponents, perform short teleports, and launch foes from all around you forward in front of you. You know, control the battlefield. This power looks quite unique to the other powers and seems quite tempting.

So in a nut shell, power up the ole Cosmic Treadmill and master both time and space. While DC Universe Online is 100% free to play, this DLC will cost you $10 and is also available on Steam. Watch these three videos and time warp back into DC Online. 

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