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Jason Bateman has his identity stolen in 'Identity Thief' trailer

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Identity theft is not funny — unless it happens to Jason Bateman. Then, it's really funny. Jason Bateman is starring in Identity Theft as Sandy, a man who has his identity stolen by Melissa McCarthy's character Diana, who's posing as him. She's living it large in Florida, racking up his credit cards and causing a ruckus. Bateman takes it upon himself to hunt her down, arrest her, and bring her back to get his identity back, but not without some shenanigans along the way.

The movie also stars John Cho, Jon Favreau, Genesis Rodriguez (hawt) and Amanda Peet.

Identity Thief looks hilarious, as Bateman and McCarthy seem like comedic awesomness as a duo. It opens in theaters February 8, 2013.

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