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Japan Only Getting Small Shipments of OoT


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is arguably the most anticipated release for the 3DS. Though the game has appeared on several consoles, people still love playing the classic fantasy action-adventure title, and this new, 3D version has captured the interest of many. Unfortunately, if you live in Japan and plan on getting the game, you may have a hard time doing so unless you put down a preorder deposit.

Rumors have spread that Nintendo will only ship a limited amount of Ocarina of Time 3D game cards. This sales strategy is due to the bargain price that was slapped onto The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks shortly after its Japanese launch. This is surprising, considering how awesome and how much of an improvement the game was over its predecessor.

Nintendo will effectively release only a small shipment of copies in the hope of generating more fan hype, causing the game to sell well for a longer period of time. While this marketing strategy is likely to work, gamers are being prompted to pre-order their copies of the game as soon as possible. Chances are those who don't will probably miss picking the game up at launch.

Spirit Tracks managed to earn good sales figures, and it wasn't placed in the bargain bin section right after its release in North America. Will Nintendo use the same ploy here to generate larger interest and sales in Ocarina of Time 3D? Just to be safe, you better preorder your copy of the game as soon as possible.

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