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Japan getting Dragon Quest X in August


News regarding Dragon Quest X has consisted largely of screenshot galleries and minor details here and there. Hell, most of the news that has surfaced on Square Enix's upcoming console MMO has been primarily geared toward the Japanese audience. We still don't even know if Dragon Quest X is coming to North America yet.

Now gamers living in Japan have some good news, though, because the Wii version of the game has been confirmed for an August 2 launch. There will be two different editions available at launch. Gamers will be able to snag the Dragon Quest X game on its own for 6,980 yen, or roughly $86. The other version will include the game and a 16 GB USB memory card, which is required to play the game. That one will be priced at 8,980 yen, about $111.

Dragon Quest X players will have to pay a service charge to access the game's online features. Pricing ranges between 1,000 yen ($12), 1,950 yen ($24), and 2,900 yen ($36) for plans of 30, 60, and 90 days, respectively. Dragon Quest X will include 20 free days of initial play for buyers. Additionally, "Kids Times" events will be held every so often that allow players to go online free of charge. While age restrictions won't be placed on these events, Square Enix stated that it hopes players understand that these instances are meant for the kiddies. Yeah, let's see how well that works out when a bunch of adults are the only ones taking part in the "Kids Times" events.

The last thing worth mentioning is that the Wii version of Dragon Quest X will ship on two discs. Still no word on the Wii U version, though that will probably change once we get some more details on that console. So, are you excited about Dragon Quest X? I know I am! Actually, that was a lie. To be honest, my interest in the game has faded massively since the last news story broke out. Still, let's hope Nintendo and Square Enix share some info and let us know if the game is coming to North America.


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