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Japan gets 3DS DLC


In November, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that the 3DS would eventually allow developers to sell paid add-on content for their games. It looks like Japan is the first to get a taste of paid DLC.

For about ¥100 each, players can download three separate decoration sets for their Photo editing app, Tobidasu Print Club Kiradeco Revolution (wow that's a mouthful). It was also revealed that Theathrhythm Final Fantasy would get downloadable songs as paid DLC as well, and will be the first retail game to offer DLC content.

Reggie stated:

"In terms of what the next system update will allow, it will allow developers to sell add-on content, and whether that's for a physical game or a digitally released game."

"In terms of how it will work, it's up to the developer whether they want to make it to buy new levels, new items - all of that is up to their imagination. Essentially, what we're doing is creating the framework for those transactions to happen."

I'm not a huge supporter of paid DLC, especially the kind that gets offered the same week of the game's release, but as it stands, it is a great way for the developer to make extra cash, especially considering they lose out on used game sales.

This is Nintendo's first step into the world of DLC however, and some might say that it's about time they started implementing paid add-on content.


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