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Jane Jensen returns to Gabriel Knight for 20th anniversary

Gabriel Knight remake

Creator Jane Jensen has licensed the Gabriel Knight intellectual property back from Activision and is working on a new entry in the series. This is her first return since 1999, when she left developer Sierra On-Line.

Jensen plans to develop a 20th anniversary remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, the first title in the paranormal-adventure series, which began in 1993. It will release as a digital download for PC, Mac, iPad, and Android in mid-2014.

Pinkerton Road, Jensen's studio, has been reconstructing the game from the ground up for about a year now. Jensen is overseeing new voicework and high-resolution 3D graphics that look good on retina displays. Original composer Robert Holmes is also remastering the soundtrack. The mature storyline and puzzles will remain the same as in the original.

The studio's next game, Moebius, is due this year.

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