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Jack's Bouncy Qubes Jumping to a PC Near You

January 2, 2008

Jack's Bouncy Qubes – Jumping to a PC Near You

Prepare yourself for the most frenzied and explosive 3D puzzle experience that will leave you bouncing for more. Jack's Bouncy Qubes puts you in control of a board of explosive bouncy qubes. Control Jack around the board, jumping over the qubes and link them in like combinations. Once they connect, the qubes are detonated and will explode!

Iik Games is proud to announce the release of Jack's Bouncy Qubes for the PC. A unique and highly addictive 3D puzzle game that everybody can play, but no one would like to leave. Control the lovely character Jack. Mess around the board jumping over the qubes, change its color and link them in like combinations, once they connect, the qubes are detonated and will explode. Don't get to close as the explosion will knock you into next week. The object is to clear each level, but be careful, the action gets harder and harder as you go along.

Jacks Bouncy Qubes features a unique and addictive fast-paced gameplay with 4 different game modes: Arcade, Free, Survival and Puzzle. Bright and colorful 3D accelerated toon graphics and special effects. 50 Mind-Bender hand crafted puzzle levels and many more!

Join the Bouncyness now by downloading a 60-Minutes free trial of Jacks Bouncy Qubes from

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