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Jack Tretton on Xbox One DRM reversal: 'Better late than never'

SCEA Jack Tretton PS4

It took only one week for Microsoft -- following consumer reaction to their E3 showing -- to change the much-maligned policies of the Xbox One to match that of the more favorable PlayStation 4. With a simple flip of the switch the online requirement, constant check-ins, and tight restrictions on used games were done away with

"Better late than never," was the reaction of a cool and relaxed Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA, when asked how he felt about the change in policy.

"We spent five years listening to the consumer day in day out," said the man who announced at E3 that the PS4 would support used games. "So better late than never, I guess they got the message."

Elsewhere in the interview, Tretton explained that Sony is focusing on their "heritage" of gaming. "I think you speak to the core and then you have a rippling out from there," he said. Sony has made it clear from the start that the PlayStation 4 will be all about the gamers. But with the Xbox One's reversal, the two systems became a whole lot more similar. Is Sony's games-first approach more attractive than Microsoft's all-in-one Xbox system?


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