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Jack Tretton on PS4 reviews: 'I've never felt better'


As most are aware by now, the embargo for many of the PlayStation 4 launch titles lifted today, giving gamers a look at what awaits them when Sony's next-gen system releases on Friday, November 15. And though some of the PS4's launch titles haven't received the overwhelmingly positive scores we expected, Sony is still pleased with how the launch is shaping up.

"It's my fourth platform launch; I've never felt better," Sony's Jack Tretton told IGN.

"We knew we had the machine. We knew we had the development community behind us. We knew we had the gaming community behind us. 23 unbelievable games getting great reviews for the platform and for the games. Very, very excited."

"It's a lot like E3," Tretton said of the embargoes lifting this morning. "At the end of the day you kind of get a recap on all of the press that's run and, fortunately, it's been positive. I'm glad people are feeling as confident as we do when they get their hands on it."

When asked to describe how the PS4's launch feels different from previous systems, Tretton said, "It's almost too good to be true. The last ball to drop was the network and went smooth as silk. Really anxious to get all the gamers online on November 15th and its just better than it has ever been.

"The hardware is good; the games are great; we've got a great price point and I really think it's a testament to listening to the gamers and listening to the development community and giving them a machine that's going to give them a lot of enjoyment over the next 10 years."

Tretton went on to explain how Sony has worked with the development community from the get-go to help create a system that they consider to be a "gamer's console" that's "by gamers, for gamers." In just a few more days, gamers will finally get their hands on it. The PlayStation 4 is set to release this Friday, November 15.

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