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J.J. Abrams presents the first clip of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' on 'Conan'

star trek into darkness

Last night on Conan, he had J.J. Abrams on as a guest. I'm in love with J.J. Abrams. My man crush can't be described in words. Everything he touches is gold. Anyways, you can imagine my happiness when he said he wanted to share a clip from Star Trek Into Darkness, the sequel to 2009's Star Trek that made Kirk and the Enterprise cool again. There was a catch, however. Paramount wanted the clip to be short — like, three frames or less short. Everything around Abrams' movies are always shrouded in mystery, so this wasn't a surprise. So, here are the first three frames ever seen of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Yup. Three frames. You can see Spock surround by flames. Still no details on the plot of the movie, but there's plenty of rumors flying around the internet. With Star Trek Into Darkness releasing May 17, 2013, we'll most likely be seeing a teaser-trailer in either November or December.

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