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Iwata on 3DS Package Warnings


Not too long ago, Nintendo made a warning statement regarding children and the 3D visuals that the 3DS will project. The warning statement urged young gamers ages six and under to avoid viewing games in stereoscopic 3D. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata recently made some comments regarding the warnings.

According to Iwata, the warnings issued by Nintendo are to inform consumers about potential risks and avoid lawsuits. He went on to say that specialists have stated that 3D viewing can be harmful to the eyes of young children, and due to gaming being an activity that people engage in for long periods of time, Nintendo is trying to avoid harm coming to younger players.

Expect to see more warnings upon the handheld's release as informative text is set to appear on instructions manuals and on the 3DS box as well. That probably means games will include more booklets in addition to the instruction manual, Wi-Fi booklet, and "try these games" pamphlet.


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