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Iwata Discusses Wii U Price Point


Nintendo impressed many gamers yesterday with their E3 presser when they unveiled and showcased the Wii U. They did leave out one tiny detail: we still don't known how much the thing is going to cost.

Speaking to Nikkei, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata discussed the price point for the upcoming console. Though he didn't get too specific, Iwata-san did mention that the Wii U would cost more than the Wii did at launch, as translated by Andriasang. Addressing the new system's price tag, Iwata was very clear that the price would be above 20,000 Yen, or roughly $250.

This certainly makes sense considering this is a much more powerful console with newer hardware and a new controller. It would be foolhardy for any of us to expect the console to be priced the same as the Wii. My guess is that the Wii U will be priced anywhere between $300 and $400. As long as the people at Nintendo don't goof like Sony and make a $600 console, the Wii U should be fairly affordable.

No word on the price of software thus far, but I think we can all expect Wii U games to cost $60. That's the price model for current HD software, so it's pretty much a given. What do you all think (and hope) the price of the Wii U will be at launch?

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