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Iwata: Wii Wasn't Supposed to Be a Casual Console


The Wii gets criticized a lot for being a mostly casual console. Though first-party franchises like Mario, Metroid, and Zelda certainly add a smidge of reputability to the console, most of what we've seen are party games and mini-game collections intended for individuals who normally wouldn't play a lot of video games. And while there are certainly a few great third-party games here and there, the Wii isn't exactly known for its "outsider" support.

This all has caused the Wii to maintain a casual status among most gamers. And while I personally enjoy playing games on my Wii, the recent lack of releases has caused the system to take a backseat to my PlayStation 3 and PC. According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, however, the Wii was never meant to be a casual-focused console, reports IGN.

"There was a misunderstanding that Nintendo was dedicated to such games at such stage of the lifespans of the Wii and the Nintendo DS," said Iwata in a recent investors meeting. "We have made efforts to develop video games that are in tune with various consumer tastes; however, we have not been able to gain adequate consumer understanding regarding our intentions, while in the common perception there are no or few core users playing Nintendo platforms, which is not the case."

According to Iwata, Nintendo aims at creating experiences for gamers of all skill levels and types. The company cannot, however, do it without third-party support. I can definitely see what Iwata is trying to say here, but the Wii just seemed to alienate third-party developers. Aside from a few gems, there are hardly any worthwhile games on the console from other developers. I'm certain Nintendo knows it's appealing widely to the casual audience and pushing the core gamers away, but just like John Cena in the WWE, Nintendo's family-friendly appeal is marketable and can easily rake in some hefty cash.

Will the company change things up with the Wii U? That's unknown at the moment. Should they change things up? Personally, I really think so. But what do I know? I'm just a core gamer.

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