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Iwata Discusses Three Kirby Games That Got the Axe from Nintendo


Nintendo's no stranger to making ridiculous mistakes. I've stuck by the company through thick and thin, regardless of whether it made me look like a sap. But this time, Nintendo has gone too damn far.

In a recent edition of Iwata Asks, it was revealed that three Kirby games were canceled. Not one, not two, but three. Seriously, I think this pretty much makes my claim that there's a conspiracy against Kirby pretty freaking valid.

The first game to get canned was set to launch following Kirby Air Ride, and it was supposed to feature four-player gameplay. The second game featured slightly isometric camera angles that allowed for free roaming. The game would be a departure from the series' inviting mechanics and pose more challenging gameplay. Lastly, an animated Kirby game with visuals akin to A Boy and His Blob was the victim of cancelation.

These games were developed and canceled in the span of 11 years. Oh, the humanity! It's a shame these Kirby games never got to see the light of day. Though they all look pretty neat, the animated Kirby title really looks like it could have been something special. This will forever be a heartbreaking news post for me.

But on the bright side, at least I got to play Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Expect my full review soon! (Shameless plugs for the win!)

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