Iwata addresses Nikkei's Nintendo 'gossip'

In a time when many of today's headlines, mostly speculative, are formulated from mere Twitter quotes, I present an entire news post formulated from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's Twitter.

Apparently the company head is fed up rumors and has addressed what he refers to as "gossip" contained in a Nikkei article.  The article he is referring to, apparently quoted him as saying if Nintendo stayed the way it was headed, the company would collapse.

It read: "If we keep going like this, we'll collapse."

Apparently, none of that is true, and Iwata addressed these "gossip magazine techniques".

"By the way," Iwata tweeted, "on Monday there was an inaccurate report online. This sort of thing has continued repeatedly, with no context, self-serving language, and the blurring of truth and fiction. I'm astonished to see gossip magazine techniques being used."

Nikkei also outed a supposed 3DS version of the Seaman title, which Iwata did not comment on.  This isn't the first time Nintendo and Nikkei have butted heads.  On two separate occasions, Nintendo has called Nikkei reports merely "speculative".  Both of those times, Nikkei proved right in what they originally said.


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