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Its a party and you are invited if you play Fallen Earth

Friday, April 30, 2010

It’s a party and you are invited – if you play Fallen Earth

Come one, come all for a night of slots, tavern fun and a few other surprises

Over the past couple of weeks, GameZone (a division of Intergi Entertainment) has been running a promotion to give away product keys for Fallen Earth, the Icarus’ Studios massively multiplayer online game that combines shooter and science fiction elements in a post-apocalyptic setting based of an area of Arizona.

That phase of the cross promotion with the developer/publisher of Fallen Earth is at an end, and to celebrated there will be a party in Embry Crossroads tonight beginning at 7 p.m. ET and lasting until 1 a.m. ET Saturday.

The FE gang is getting ready to party hardy

If you have not played Fallen Earth and are wondering just what the game is about, check out’s first story in a rolling review of the title. Intrigued? Want to check out the game first hand? That’s easy, too! Though it is too late to get a full-on product key, 10-day trial memberships are available on the homepage of Fallen Earth.

The party, which according to sources will also feature dueling outside the tavern, will have beer (cyber beer, of course – and it provides a buff to players’ stats), tavern food, and there will be slot machines to drop coins into.

It is an opportunity to break out of the questing habit, kick back, relax, get silly and enjoy one of the more social elements of Fallen Earth.

Game Managers (GMs) will also be on hand with trivia contests, and Zone Warriors members (including editorial staff of GZ) will be on hand.

If you are not sure how to get to Embry Crossroads, you can send an in-game tell or whisper to Stevanos or Rhyn Kalara (not their real names, but hey, it’s a game!).

Time to get that party on!

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