It took Super Meat Boy's co-creator 12 hours to make this wonky game

Super Meat Boy Screenshot - 1165219

Edmund McMillen, co-creator of hard-as-nails platformer Super Meat Boy, recently spent a solid 12 hours creating Facist!, a quirky web game that predicts the future.

Well, it doesn’t predict your future; it’s your child’s future. Or your friend's. Or maybe yours. And by future, I mean their appearance. And by predict I mean hideously disfigure.

Facist!, McMillen explained, was designed to allow players to input names in order to generate “an infinite number of odd-looking thingers.” Appropriately, the 12-hour game jam that spawned the game was, in and of itself, for “shits and giggles.”

Naturally, I simply had to find out what Gamezone would look like in the world of Facist!. The gorgeous answer is the image above. Find out how your name matches up by playing the game yourself (here, by the way). 

[via GameInformer]

Austin Wood
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