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It seems former Nintendo PR employee Alison Rapp was a prostitute

Nintendo was right for trying to dodge this bullet

Well, this is awkward…Alison Rapp, whom many had lambasted Nintendo for firing, seems to have been a high profile escort in the Seattle area, going by the name Maria Mint. Needless to say, it's not the sort of thing a PR rep for Nintendo should be doing.

Rapp Busted

Rapp Busted2

Rapp Busted3

Regardless of how you feel about the sources, the evidence is pretty damning.

This is a huge development. Who knows what could come of this, or how it will be spun? One can already hear the rumors and accusations: Is this how Rapp got her job, despite having a twitter history that should have made her unemployable by any company trying to be “family friendly” in America? Did she have any clients in the gaming/media business? Zoe Quinn 2.0! Etc.

Those of you that follow my articles know I'll have a response to this coming soon...

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