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It's true chérie, Gambit is playable in Marvel Heroes

The one Marvel character I've been asking for since the game was in alpha -- Gambit -- has finally joined Marvel Heroes. The X-Men member from the Bayou equipped with a staff and a set of kinetically charged playing cards has two costumes: the Classic Gambit Costume that fans of him and the X-Men know, and the Gambit Modern Costume, which has him sporting less pink chest plate and a silver trench coat.

Marvel Heroes features a custom story based in the Marvel universe where players team up from a roster of heroes to take down some of the baddest villains known to mankind. Gazillion Entertainment's multiplayer game is free-to-play with some cash shop options, but the entire game is playable without having to spend a cent. 

If you want to play as Gambit, there are two ways for you to get him: 1) you can get him directly from the in-game store individually for 900 Gs or as a bundle (which has the same contents as the Hero Pack) for 1800 Gs; or 2) You can purchase Gambit for 500 Eternity Splinters. The Gambit Hero Pack includes Gambit with both of his costumes, as well as his S.T.A.S.H. tab, 1x of each fortune card and a Retcon Device.

Consensus in the Gambit forums is that he is a little hard to level and feels under-whelming early on, but shines in the later levels. He's also very gear dependent. Also in the forums, a Gazillion employee confirmed that they will release a Death skin for Gambit:

Gambit death costume

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