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It's Official: Team Bondi Is Dying


We've known for some time now that L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi would be shutting its doors and vanishing off the face of the planet. After allegations that its employees were put in harsh working conditions and reports that many staff members were left off the game's credits, news surfaced that the company was going under. This came as a shocker mainly because L.A. Noire was actually an awesome game, not some shoddy title that would be expected to cause its developer to falter.

The last time we reported on Team Bondi, the company had gone into administration. Basically, its assets were taken over by an external party that would then be in charge of the studio. Gamasutra reported today that Team Bondi would be officially shutting down for good, moving from administration to full-on closure.

According to the reports, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission has appointed liquidation of Team Bondi. In addition to this, a document was filed that pretty much explains what's going to happen to Team Bondi. The document's title: "Special Resolution to Wind Up the Company."

It's a shame that Team Bondi's story had to end like this. We'll miss you, L.A. Noire developer. Team Bondi, we hardly knew you.

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