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It's Halloween in Fallout Shelter

Overseers awake to spooky decorations in the Vault

Just because you're stuck underground as a result of total atomic annihilation doesn't mean you, too, can't get in the Halloween spirit in Fallout Shelter. After all, what else are you going to do when trapped underground for so long?

It seems that your vault dwellers are feeling festive today and you might have noticed that certain rooms in your vault are now decorated for Halloween. Bethesda confirmed the spooky celebrations are here for the "holiday."

Rooms are decorated with hanging bats and ghosts, pumpkins, and all sorts of cavity-inducing treats. There was no mention if the Halloween celebration will bring any treats... or tricks for that matter, but we'll keep an eye out.

Surprised Overseers who awoke to the frightening decorations have shared some screenshots on social media. Have a look below.

Fallout Shelter Halloween

Fallout Shelter Halloween

Earlier this week, Bethesda released update 1.2 for Fallout Shelter. The update introduced an assortment of new features, content, and fixes, including a mysterious new stranger who can reward you with additional bottlecaps, a more difficult Survival Mode, the ability to save your Vault to the "cloud." Wish I would've taken advantage of the cloud saving before I just accidentally deleted my game. Oh well, I've been meaning to restart anyways.

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