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It’s Good to Be BioWare Right Now


According to the USA Pre-Order VG Charts, BioWare is the king right now and as Mel Brooks said, “It’s good to be the king.”  Rocking these charts this week is Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) at #1 with Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360) at #2.  There is more.  Mass Effect 3 is also #10 for PS3 and #24 for PC. 

It’s hard to get much better than that.  It seems like BioWare has some revenue to count on coming in soon these next few months.  After a few overly successful beta weekends, SWTOR is dominating the minds of those going through withdraws until Early Release begins for some the 15th of December. 

ME3 is a solid standing in three different locations in the top 25 on the VG charts.  For a game that is not released until March (4 months away) that’s preeeeeeetty damn good.  Well cheers to you BioWare, may these next few months be profitable for you and deliver on the content we are all shoveling money (early) for.

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