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It Looks Like Xbox One X Pre-Orders Might Go Up During Gamescom

A flurry of tweets point to a start date.

It Looks Like Xbox One X Pre-Orders Might Go Up At Gamescom

After a series of tweets, we have a very real reason to believe that the Xbox One X will be available for pre-order after Gamescom commences. After Twitter user XTREME GAMING asked Phil Spencer what Xbox's plans for Gamescom were, he teased at something interesting.

Phil Spencer is definitely teasing something interesting about regarding Xbox at Gamescom. So what does "It will be different from what fans expect," mean? He mentions doing something they haven't done in a while. Both of these might imply something a little more than just a pre-order announcement, but what? 

The clear take away is that it's all but confirmed that pre-orders for the Xbox One X will take place at/after Gamescom. Tom Warren of The Verge also tweeted about it without any hesitation. Was he simply jumping on a rumor, or is there more to go on? A since deleted tweet from GameStop thickens the plot.

It Looks Like Xbox One X Pre-Orders Might Go Up At Gamescom

Pop quiz, what is GameStop in the business of? Answer: Selling video games and video game consoles. Is Phil's mysterious tweet, plus Warren's presumptuous follow-up, bundled with GameStop's deleted tweet enough to form a theory? What do you think it leads to? What is this this 'different' thing that Xbox hasn't 'done in a while'? Keep it tuned to GameZone as we report on it right as it's revealed!

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