It looks like Infamous: First Light will be available August 26th

Infamous: First Light was one of the better announcements made by Sony during E3 not becuase we're getting more Infamous, but due to the fact that it's a stand-alone expansion; Second Son isn't required to purchase. For PS4 owners looking to get in on next-gen action, they can chose between the $59.99 full retail release or the $14.99 stand-alone add-on. Or, you know, both.

But the one question that remained was when Infamous: First Light would release. It appears that we now know, thanks to the keen eye of an IGN reader.

The PlayStation Store currently has First Light set for a release on August 26th, which happens to be a Tuesday, the day Sony updates the PlayStation Store and makes new releases available.

Sony hasn't officially announced a release date, so don't count this as 100% official just yet. Maybe 75% official. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


Jake Valentine
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