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Issue three of Max Payne 3 comic has death and Italian mofos


The final issue of the Max Payne 3 comic book series has landed, and it is yet another great read. The digital comic offers more insight on the events of Max's past that lead up to the game, all the while tying them seamlessly into the actual plot of Max Payne 3.

Once again, this is good stuff, and if you're a comic-loving Max Payne 3 fan — or just a Max Payne 3 fan who's not allergic to reading — I'd highly recommend issue number three of Rockstar Games' and Marvel Comics' digital series.

It's a bit saddening that the series has come to an end, mainly because I was really enjoying reading some Max Payne comics, but alas, this is where it ends. Also, I now want to play through the entire Max Payne trilogy from start to finish again.

As always, you can read the comics on Rockstar's page or download the snazzy PDF files straight to your computer absolutely free of charge.

[Rockstar Games]

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