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iSoccer Backstreet is Live on App Store

June 8, 2009

Artificial Life Launches 3D Soccer Game on iPhone

iSoccer Backstreet Game Dribbles into the Apple App Store

Artificial Life, Inc.,, today announced the launch of the company’s first 3D soccer game title – iSoccer Backstreet™, on the iPhone and iPod touch platform, retailing at the launch price of $1.99 in the Apple App Store.

Based on a series of exclusive recording sessions with professional soccer players, iSoccer Backstreet utilizes authentic motion capture data and brings street soccer magic to the animations in this game.

The game takes soccer out of the stadium to the streets where players battle it out by performing amazing body balancing and dribbling tricks with different body parts, following complex rhythm patterns. The multi-touch sensors of the iPhone and iPod touch allow an exhilarating game play. Players have to tilt and swipe different commands on the screen in order to perform the dribbling tricks. Speedy reaction and timely coordination are essential to succeed in the game.

Game Features:

  • Realistic outdoor locations including city streets, junk yards, docks, backstreets and more

  • A wide variety of avatars whose jerseys, balls, shorts, and foot gear are customizable, there are new items for customization to be unlocked

  • Over a dozen of freestyle soccer tricks including ATWs, Magellan, Hacky, Back Spins, Murilo, Shoulder Stall, New Trix and more

  • All motion details and ball physics are realistically crafted and exclusive tricks can be unlocked by skilled players

  • Various levels and modes with a few highlights as follows:

  • Let's Rock! – Intense dribbling tricks and ball balancing training

  • MyStyle Freestyle – Follow and repeat the tricks and motion sequences of the dribbling master

  • The Destroyer – Destroy everything possible with your soccer ball and power

  • Make it your own! – Master performance of your dribbling skills

To make the game more interactive, Artificial Life has implemented Facebook Connect to the iSoccer Backstreet game. Using Facebook Connect, players can quickly and easily change their status, publish their game results and compare their scores with their Facebook friends and networks at anytime.

For more details about iSoccer Backstreet, please visit:,  or  on the iPhone. The game is now live in the Apple App Store and is available for purchase at: 

“We are excited to present our first 3D soccer title for the iPhone, which demonstrates an alternative soccer style outside of the traditional soccer realm. Street soccer is selected because it is edgy, trendy and more creative than standard soccer games. We will continue our efforts to develop more high quality and innovative games for the iPhone platform,” said Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO of Artificial Life, Inc.

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