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Isla Fisher gets a character poster for 'The Great Gatsby'

the great gatsby isla fisher poster

Get ready for some posters for The Great Gatsby. Two of the movie's key characters -- Joel Edgerton's Tom Buchanan and Isla Fisher's Myrtle Wilson -- have their own character banners now. In Gatsby, Myrtle Wilson is Tom Buchanan's mistress, and they attend lavish New York parties.

In the posters, you can see the unique, glitzy style that Baz Lurhmann brought to F. Scott Fitzgerald's great American novel -- the same style that made 1996's Romeo + Juliet (also starring Leonardo DiCaprio) and Moulin Rouge! such great successes. The spectacle of these films is what looks to be captured in The Great Gatsby. It's yet to be seen how all the pizazz will affect the writing -- something purists will most likely be worried about. 

Regardless, the movie looks amazing, and I look forward to its May 10th release date.

joel edgerton the great gatsby

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