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Is "U Mad, Bro?" Racial Intimidation?


U mad, bro? A simple three word phrase, often used in video game culture, has been interpreted as a racial slur at a Friday night high school football game.

"Some of their students and parents put up a sign that we believe was racial intimidation, ethnic intimidation," said Roderick Coffee, President of the Lake County chapter of the NAACP.

"I think the reference to 'bro' in the sign definitely has a racial connection to it," said Michael Hanlon, superintendent for Painesville City Schools.

Really? So if I use the word "bro" I"m being racist? Sorry, but I don't agree. While it definitely shows poor sportsmanship, I honestly don't think saying the word "bro" counts as racial intimidation. I don't recall ever seeing the color of someones skin when I've said it to raging tryhards in League of Legends. That statement that Michal Hanlon made is more of a racist, stereotypical comment than that phrase.

According to the Urban Dictionary (which is obviously the most credible source on the internet), the slang phrase "You mad bro?" is a "Phrase commonly used by internet trolls when the slightest bit of anger or rage is detected. Is known to drive even the sanest person to boiling rage." So, is the phrase "You Mad Bro?" really racist or are people overreacting?

My conclusion: Yeah, they mad.

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