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Is the PSP Go Finally Being Put Out of Its Misery?


Sony may officially pull the plug on the PSP Go soon. A Sony store employee recently posted a blog entry stating that the retail location where he works won't be receiving any more shipments of the compact PSP model. According to the blogger, his manager received word from Sony directly that production of the portable would be halted.

Further evidence of this discovery can be found on the Japanese Sony Store web page. Though plenty of links are available for purchasing PlayStation 3 consoles and multi-colored PSP systems, the PSP Go is nowhere to be found. It also appears that other Japanese online vendors are completely devoid of PSP Go stock.

All signs point to the extinction of the PSP Go. Does this news really surprise anyone? Upon release, many gamers and critics suspected that the handheld would fail. Granted, the design and feel of the handheld isn't for everyone. People, such as myself, who enjoy being able to physically hold and look at their games immediately disregarded the handheld. And with a higher price tag than the regular PSP model, the PSP Go instantly became an unnecessary purchase for anyone who watches his or her money carefully.

Recently, the PSP Go only managed to sell in small amounts, with absolutely no demand for the portable. Sony may be pulling the plug on a dying system, and it's a wise decision on the manufacturer's part. Of course, an even wiser decision would have been to never launch this abomination of a handheld at all. Hopefully the folks at Sony learn from this failed attempt and avoid the same mistakes during the NGP's life.

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