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Is Sonic Generations the Blue Blur's Next Adventure?


Say what you will about the Sonic franchise, but it looks like Sega intends on continuing the series that made them a household name all those years ago. The publisher recently registered the domain name for Sonic Generations, sure to be the next Sonic game to hit consoles (or one of the next). No details have surfaced as to the nature of the game, but let's hope it's a solid Sonic platformer.

Currently, the only new Sonic game that fans have been expecting is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. Additionally, rumors of a compilation disc titled Sonic Anniversary point to a collection of the blue blur's greatest adventures. With the latest discovery of Sonic Generations, are gamers in store for three Sonic releases in the near future?

In 2010, Sega released Sonic Classic Collection, Sonic 4: Episode 1, and Sonic Colors. Sonic Classic Collection was a standard compilation, and while it was a nice offering of games, the translation to the DS didn't fare very well. Sonic 4 released via digital download, and though some gamers such as myself loved it, many others weren't as impressed. Then there was Sonic Colors for the Wii, which offered up a truly satisfying 3D platforming experience with all the right Sonic elements. The DS version of the game was an excellent throwback to the blue hedgehog's Genesis days.

I hope Sonic Generations picks up where Sonic Colors left off. The game is easily the best 3D platformer in the series ever since Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. Fingers crossed that Sega delivers the goods with Sonic Generations. I'll be doing my best to ignore the constant complaints of the naysayers who beg for a new Sonic game and then go on verbal tirades just because it's a Wii and DS exclusive.

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