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Is Nintendo Planning a 3DS Overhaul?


Nintendo is reportedly panicking over the current state of the 3DS. According to 01Net, the manufacturer is looking to make a few modifications to the dual screen handheld in the near future. And while we should always be skeptical of rumors such as this one, we should also note that 01Net was previously spot on with the Vita and Wii U, so it has credibility.

The first bit of news revolves around a second analog circle. Apparently, Nintendo originally wanted to include a second circle pad on the 3DS, but the company rushed the handheld so that it could launch before the Vita. According to the report, an add-on circle pad will be released for somewhere near $10. Well, if you're a late 3DS adopter, I guess you can use $10 from the $80 you saved after the handheld's price cut to purchase the peripheral.

Additionally, Nintendo is rumored to be working on an entirely new 3DS model. This new version of the platform will tone down the 3D considerably, and it's possible that it will be completely rebranded. It turns out the company may just be trying to get rid of the original model, which explains the massive price slash.

Nintendo is currently trying to get some solid third-party support for the 3DS, but 01Net reports that developers are growing weary of the direction the system is going in. Again, these are all rumors, but given the accuracy of the source in the past, we may very well be getting an idea of what the future holds for Nintendo and the 3DS. We'll know for sure as 2012 draws near.

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