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Is Xbox 8 the new Xbox 720?

I may be reading a little too far into this, and I probably am, but Microsoft's newly acquired Xbox 8 domain name is leading to more speculation about their next-gen console, commonly referred to as Xbox 720.

Following reports that Microsoft secured the rights to several domain names previously owned by Chinese resident Cheng Juan, are rumors that Xbox 8 may be the new name for their new next-gen system.

Microsoft obtained a number of domains including,,,, most notably, and

All of the names speak for themselves, save for Xbox 8 which many are saying relates to the name of the next Xbox. While it could be nothing more than a defensive IP protection measure by Microsoft, the company's new Windows 8 operating system, due to launch later this year, is fueling the speculation. It has been reported that the next Xbox will use a form of Windows 8 to facilitate Microsoft's multi-screen strategy.

Then we have our conspiracy theories like the Xbox Infinity, one of the names suggested for the next Xbox. Turn 8 on its side and you get the infinity symbol - though I really doubt this one to be a true reason behind a name. Other names linked to the next Xbox include the popular Xbox Loop, Project 10, and the most popular Xbox 720 (why do we keep calling it this?). The next Xbox is allegedly codenamed Durango.,, (SmartGlass was revealed at E3) and are still pending cases in domain disputes. As noted by Fusible, no complaint has been filed against the owners of, which just so happens to also be registered to a resident of China.

With Microsoft's increased emphasis on integrating Windows 8 with its Xbox console, it's very possible that the company could refer to the new console as Xbox 8 - especially if the two technologies are linked. It makes a lot more sense than simply doubling the 360 to get Xbox 720.

Last month, alleged documents outlining Microsoft's strategy for the next-gen Xbox were leaked. While Microsoft at first didn't deny or confirm the documents, they later identified it as a copyrighted "IEB Roadmap" and ordered the removal of the document from several websites.

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