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Is Ubisoft cancelling Watch Dogs for Wii U or what? We just called GameStop and...



GameStop has since confirmed that the Watch Dogs cancellation was a "glitch" in the system.


So here's the deal, rumors of Ubisoft cancelling the Wii U version of Watch Dogs are spreading like wildefire. But are they true? Right now, Ubisoft isn't admitting to anything, but we've now seen multiple reports claiming the rumors to be true.

First we've got Italian website, Wiitalia, reporting that GameStops in Italy are no longer accepting Watch Dogs Wii U pre-orders and even calling customers to notify them of the cancellation. Again, this is unconfirmed by Ubisoft.

A new report from Kotaku, sourcing a "reliable" course, also confirms this happening -- but with GameStop stores in the United States. Here's an excerpt: 

The game is still even available for Wii U on GameStop's website, but our source explained that stores in the U.S. have been instructed to tell customers who pre-ordered the game on Wii U to shift their pre-order to something else or to have it cancelled. 

Naturally, I decided to take action doing the only thing the typical gamer can do -- call my local retailer. Not to discredit Kotaku, but I literally just called my local GameStop retailer and asked about pre-ordering Watch Dogs for Wii U and the representative told me that I could.So either this particular location hasn't yet been notified of the cancellation or someone is full of crap. 

What is alarming, however, is that Ubisoft has yet to come out and deny the rumor. There could be some validity in the statement based solely on Ubisoft's silence, perhaps because they aren't quite ready to announce the cancellation (maybe because of legal reasons?).

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