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Is Tommy Vercetti the Protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 5?


The net has exploded with discussion of the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, confirming many facts about the game, most importantly the setting (Vinewood - GTA's take on Hollywood) as well as the general storyline, narrated by our criminal protagonist. A man who moved out West in hopes of getting away from his unsavory line of work, and how despite his wishes to settle down and raise a family, he managed to get pulled right back in.

Though the narrator isn't explicitly identified in the trailer, it seems to be the middle-aged man who appears in several sequences, even leading a group of men dressed as pool cleaners in a home invasion.Judging from the man's appearance and manner of speech, many have begun to speculate that the man is Vice City's Tommy Vercetti. 

Vice City takes place in 1986, and aging Tommy Vercetti twenty-four years could very easily result in the man you see in the trailer, hairline-receeding slightly, some lines on his face, but overall of the same general height, build, and manner of speech. Not to mention that the narration specifically points out how the man has moved to Vinewood, having left behind a life of crime in a different city. This seems like the perfect plotline for reusing a fan-favorite character, while crafting an entirely new world around them. 

Obviously Ray Liotta is not providing the voice (as he did in Vice City), though this isn't exactly proof that the theory is wrong, as Liotta may have simply turned down the chance to reprise the role, or Rockstar simply choose a sound-alike to save some cash. Overall, it's nothing concrete, but definitelty a rumor worth speculating on.

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