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Is this LED t-shirt with social media capabilities the future?


If a t-shirt is such a powerful way to express yourself, what if your shirt worked as an LED display?  What if this shirt could also take pictures, record audio, had a speaker, and had an accelerometer?  No, this isn’t some futuristic piece of sci-fi apparel, tshirtOS is a thing.

CuteCircuit with Ballantine, are creating these shirts.  While they only have an expensive prototype made for now, they are wondering if this is something people would be interested in wearing?  Simple laws of supply and demand say the more the populace wants these the cheaper they can make them for.  Before answering that question, take a look see at just what thins shirt can do.

With your smartphone, you’ll be able to hook up to your social media devices.  You can have your tweets appear on your chest (I certainly wouldn’t trust my friends with that).  Would you want a video to show on your shirt?  You can do that.  What about music sharing and playing capabilities?  Yup, that too.  The shirt can take pictures and instantly update them to Instagram – yea.

As far as the techno-mumbo-jumbo, I don’t have the specs.  CuteCitcuit says they’ll release more info soon so maybe we’ll know then.  Until then though, watch this video and ask yourself if this is something you’d wear. 

It’s 100% cotton.


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