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Is this a reveal for Uncharted 4?


Dang!  Why does Norway get all the good reveals?!  I mean... wait, what? 

If you're confused about what I'm talking about, PlayStation's Norway Facebook page posted a picture of an Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen, with the word "Uutforsket" over his face — Norwegian for "unexplored."  So, go to and you'll see tomorrow's date, 3-22-12 with a time under it, all overlaying a map of Christianiafjord. 

explorer nansen

So we know it's a Sony splash page, that the font is very Uncharted-like, and that the music playing is reminiscent of Uncharted, as well.  If it is a reveal for Uncharted 4, then we can probably expect a change of scenery, as Nansen explored Greenland and was part of an expedition that took him to the North Pole.  Also, at the bottom left of the splash page, you'll see a crown.  Nathan Drake loves treasure.

I guess we'll know one way or another tomorrow.


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