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Is there any way we can get Grandpa Danger 3DS in North America?

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I've never read Grandpa Danger in the CoroCoro Comic publication, nor have I watched the anime rendition of the series. That said, I know jolly absurdity when I see it, and Grandpa Danger is just flowing with it.

Now the series is being turned into a video game by Namco Bandai, and though it's currently only confirmed for Japan, you people have no idea how badly I want Grandpa Danger here in North America. The game is being developed for the 3DS, and it stars Grandpa, who's tasked with saving his loved ones after they've all been turned into postcards. Again, jolly absurdity.

No word on when the game will launch, but here's hoping North America gets treated to some fun Grandpa Danger goodness. You can check out some screens from the game in our gallery to get a glimpse of the wackiness for yourself. Or if you really want to be wowed, just do what I did and watch the game's reveal trailer.


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