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Is Sony teasing God of War IV?


"Will vengeance bring redemption?"

That's the question being asked on the official PlayStation Facebook page, but perhaps the bigger question among gamers remains, is Sony teasing God of War IV?

Judging from the teaser image, Sony could be gearing up for a God of War IV reveal as early as next week.  The image includes an April 19, 2012 date, leading many to believe that is when the game will be unveiled.

The majority of fans are hoping that the game will be God of War IV or, at the very least, a God of War game for the PlayStation Vita.

Sony hasn't confirmed a God of War sequel, but several rumors regarding a sequel to 2010's action-adventure have started thanks to LinkedIn profiles.

Then again, could this be an all new IP from the God of War developers?  Late last year, Santa Monica Studio ran an job ad seeking several positions for an "unannounced new IP".  So if not God of War, what could it be?

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