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Is Nintendo skipping out on an E3 Press Conference? Investors report translation appears to confirm


As E3 draws closer, gamers can only speculate what wild and crazy games the Big Three will show off. We already know the Next Xbox will be unveiled on May 21st, which means the good stuff is being saved for E3, and the PS4 is set to have some awesome reveals too. But what about Nintendo? The Wii U is already out, and we've had some amazing Nintendo Direct episodes that already unveiled some stellar blockbuster titles. Surely they must have an ace up their sleeve for E3!

Turns out, maybe not.

Nintendo released their investors report, highlighting the sales of the Wii, Wii U and the 3DS, with only the Wii outselling its newer-gen brothers. However thanks to some fans on NeoGAF, we now have a further translation of what Nintendo is planning for E3, and it looks like it's planning on doing things a little bit differently. User StreetsAhead was able to translate this:

At this years E3 we will not be announcing a new hardware system, so E3's primary mission will be to have [press, analysts] experience our software. Many people would like to know more about the titles for Wii U that will be announced. We will use the timing of E3 to focus on providing details about our Wii U titles for release this year, and intend to create opportunities for guests to the conference to experience them immediately. We will attempt to use this year's E3 to make announcements in a new way that we have not tried before.

A lot of this makes sense. Obviously there won't be a new hardware announcement when the Wii U just came out at the end of last year. What is interesting is the fact that Nintendo will want to go about announcing new games in a new way.

The most interesting part follows:

In the past, we have announced new titles at Investor's Meetings and then uploaded videos onto the internet, but with new methods like Nintendo Direct, that we have now, we believe that we are able to provide more appropriate and effective information separately to people from different standpoints and interests [gamer, investor, etc].

First, we have decided not to hold a large-scale presentation where new news is presented to a general audience from all over the world as in previous years. Instead, we are planning several smaller events for software targeted at the American market. One of these will be a closed event for distributors, and another will be a closed event for the Western press. I did not appear in last years presentation, and I do not intend to appear in these events either. Apart from these closed events, during E3, we are deliberating how to deliver game information to those at home using new methods, so we will announce further plans later. 

So what this is essentially saying is that Nintendo won't be having an E3 Press Conference, one of the three big conferences that gamers are always looking forward to. Nor is Satoru Iwata going to be making an appearance.

Is that necessarily a bad thing though? Many of Nintendo's previous E3 conferences didn't go over that well, with announcements that weren't really amazing or noteworthy. Rather, Nintendo Direct so far has done everything right, and has trumped any previous E3 Press Conference by a long shot. Maybe Nintendo's new strategy will do them and gamers a favor, however, it will be weird not seeing Nintendo up there with the other press conferences.

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