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Is Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon coming to the Wii U?


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gave players a chance to once again step into Luigi's shoes, and roundup a bunch of ghosts through multiple mansions. However, it was also a 3DS exclusive, which means tough luck for those who wanted to take Luigi's ghost hunting antics to their big screens.

There has been a recent trend of taking 3DS games, and porting them to HD consoles. Resident Evil Revelaitons Revelations and Castlevania Mirror of Fate were both taken from the 3D handheld, and made into HD ports. No such info has been revealed that Luigi would be going the same route, however, NeoGAF user Madao has stumbled upon this little number when browsing

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Could it be that Nintendo is indeed bringing our scared, green-clad plumber to their HD console? I sure hope so, the game was fantastic!


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