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Is Kickstarter sensation Project Phoenix ready for next gen console?


Project Phoenix can’t stop, won’t stop – it doesn’t know how to. This Kickstarter sensation has built up so much steam that it has snowballed far past the desired $100,000 desired as it sits pretty as of now at $740,000+. What exactly is Project Phoenix? It is a combination of eastern and western RPG styles to create a glorious JRPG with squad based RTS elements. What all of that means is that it’s going to be extremely awesome. Did I mention Nobuo Uematsu is doing the music?

As the newest notch in this unstoppable goliath, Project Phoenix has announced that the game will be coming out on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. After a whole ton of correspondence, Sony has given the ole “okay” on the project thus we’ll be seeing this release down the road.

For those wondering about your pledges and how to swap it for PS4 and Vita, Creative Intelligence Arts Inc. is working on a new pledge and tier for these rewards. Keep an eye on those over the next few days. Interested in Project Phoenix? Is this the first you’re hearing about it and WANT to know more? Check out their Kickstarter page and keep in mind you still have 5 days to back this project.  


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