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Is Dragon Age 3 a next-gen game?


Speculation that Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, which was announced earlier this year, could be a next-gen title have arose following the discovery of an EA Shanghai level designer's LinkedIn page.

Tao Gu, who worked on a vertical slice of Dragon Age 3 earlier this year, wrote on his LinkedIn page that the "Scope of DA3 has been chaged, which will target next gen platform and will postpone to 2014 [sic]."

As Kotaku originally pointed out, the claim is probably a misinterpretation, referring to the release delay from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2014. After announcing the game in September, EA delayed the release of Dragon Age 3 into FY14 in order to assure the game would have plenty of development time. However, the designer noted that EA wanted to "refocus" Dragon Age 3 from a current-generation title to a next-gen on his page.

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