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Is a spider virus responsible for Resident Evil 6's outbreak?



Though the new Resident Evil 6 trailer has the internet abuzz, eager gamers are still in the dark about what the game's plot may be. Obviously some sort of new zombie outbreak is taking place, but what is to blame? We've taken a close look at the trailer, and think we have an idea.

It's the enemy you see in the image above which has us most intrigued, as the number of eyes and the way they're spaced has us thinking about the creepiest of crawlers: spiders. Not to mention the slightly furry looking skin, much like the super-sensitive hair spiders are covered in to help them feel their surroundings.

Normally we'd dismiss this guy as just some random one-off spiderboss. But it's the game's logo that has us thinking there could be more to it.

Hmm... spiderwebs everywhere, even holding the game's stylized '6' together. Could Resident Evil 6's outbreak have been caused by a mutated spider virus? Given the kind of nonsense we've seen from the series before, we're willing to believe it! What do you think?


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