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Ironclad Tactics brings robots to the Civil War on PS4


Zachtronics card-based tactics game, Ironclad Tactics, is coming to the PlayStation 4.  It's the studio's first time developing a game for PlayStation.

Currently available on PS4, this fast-paced game solves the problem of an American Civil War game being "fairly boring." How? By adding robots. But Ironclad Tactics does more than add robots; there are other features that make the gameplay more exciting.

For instance, Ironclad Tactics is streamlined for 10-second, fixed-length turns taken by all players simultaneously, removing the wait for other players' moves. The game also removes the annoyances of having to purchase individual cards. In the game, you win cards to build your decks by playing the game and completing puzzles and challenges, not by purchasing them. Lastly, in addition to playing matches against other players, you can also play all of the campaigns cooperatively with your friends online.

Though Ironclad Tactics is available on Steam, it's coming to PS4 later this year. As a late release, it'll already include the recently developed bonus content.

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