IPL6 canceled after not constructing additional pylons

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Less than a month away, the IPL6 that was supposed to occur in Las Vegas, March 28th-31st, has been canceled. With apologetic words and sadness, IGN was forced pull out of this year’s IPL6 due to not having the proper resources to create and cover the independent event. IGN is looking for new locations to host this event in the future.

While IGN has posted how to refund your hotel cost and tickets to the event, there are plenty of uncovered costs that are completely out of their hands. The bad news is that flights are difficult to refund. The good news is that the IPL6 was taking place in Las Vegas. I understand many people don’t share my passion for that city and for some that may not be a sufficient silver lining.

The truth of the matter is that cancelations suck. The best you can do is try to plan a last minute NEW vacation in the Vegas area or act right away to try to get your refunds.

Best of luck.


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